24. January 2023 EEA s.r.o.

BiQ Group acquires the Brno company PUXdesign under its roof and strengthens its competences in the field of web design and e-commerce

The technological group BiQ Group is growing and a development company from Brno, which specializes in web technologies – PUXdesign – is becoming part of it.

The technological BiQ Group is growing and a development company from Brno, which specializes in web technologies – PUXdesign – is becoming part of it.

Its strongest domain is the custom development of web applications, primarily client portals and the e-commerce segment, which they deliver, including user research, UX/UI and long-term development. In addition to deepening competences, the aim of the acquisition is also to help in business growth and the search for synergies between subsidiary companies across the group. The total value of the PUXdesign company reached more than 4 million euros, the amount of the acquisition is in the higher hundreds of thousands of euros for the majority share. The turnover of the company in 2022 was more than 2.5 million euros, which is an increase of 25% compared to last year.

“We are joining the BiQ Group with the expectation that it will help our company grow further, especially through large clients. Together, we want to move into Western markets, which requires further significant professionalization and knowledge of the local business environment,” says Tomáš Hložánek, founder and CEO of PUXdesign, about the acquisition.

“Our strategy of building the BiQ group is based on the development of complex solutions for the largest players on the market, the constant deepening of competencies, the provision of sufficient development capacities, and the long-term development of the delivered systems. We provide a background for technology companies with huge growth potential and unique know-how. We are particularly proud of our common vision and closeness of opinion. We have a great understanding with PUXdesign in all respects and we are glad that it is part of our group. I believe that we can provide quality infrastructure, implement the necessary processes and thus support the fastest possible growth of our subsidiaries,” explains Boris Zovčák, COO and co-founder of the technology group BiQ Group.

More than 18 years of experience

In its 18 years of existence, PUXdesign has evolved from a design agency to a full-service e-commerce agency with more than fifty employees. During its operation, it acquired customers all over Europe and currently specializes in the optimization of Czech and foreign web platforms for B2B and B2C clients. In addition, it focuses on more technologically complex solutions for fast presentation websites for global customers.

PUXdesign focuses not only on technology but also on user-friendly solutions for the business needs of its clients. For example, it is a long-term supplier of the global company Konica Minolta in Europe, the Swiss manufacturer of pipe systems Georg Fischer and the fast-growing Czech company IDEA StatiCa, which it supports in its international expansion. By joining the BiQ group, PUXdesign joined the family of software companies with a long history, such as BOOTIQ in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Novasoft, EEA and Bluesoft. As part of the BiQ Group, PUXdesign will mainly continue to develop its long-term strategy, in which it supports B2B and B2C companies in their global business and the supply of e-commerce solutions. In cooperation with BiQ Group, PUXdesign will also have access to the foreign markets of their clients as part of cooperation on web solutions from the Czech Republic.

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