19. April 2022 EEA s.r.o.

BiQ Group enters Slovakia. It will also cover the previous activities of the Slovak part of BOOTIQ and EEA

The group is represented in Slovakia by EEA, which specializes in Atlassian and Camunda products.

The Czech-Slovak technology company BOOTIQ is changing its structure.

Under the new name BiQ Group, it enters the Slovak market. The rebranding took place after the acquisition of the Czech companies Novasoft, Bluesoft and Slovakian EEA. It has been operating on the Slovak market for almost 30 years, currently under the leadership of Gabriel Lachmann. The company has its roots in the former Czechoslovakia as a system integrator and partner for the long-term strategy of its clients. EEA is one of the leaders of the Slovak IT industry. It will now become one of the subsidiaries of BiQ Group. The connection to the Slovak market is also strengthened by the position of Boris Zovčák – COO and co-founder of BiQ Group, who has been establishing long-term strategic partnerships in Slovakia.

The change of the company name is related to better readability for clients and the division of competences in individual technological areas. BOOTIQ remains one of the four subsidiaries, which are located in a total of 12 branches in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The new name BiQ Group reflects the size of the group, the ambition to provide comprehensive services from software development: through proven SAP, Atlassian and Kentico Xperience platforms, to e-commerce and marketing. Last year, the technology group achieved a turnover of 460 million crowns and has more than 400 developers and other specialists under it

“BiQ Group builds on technological diversity, thanks to which it is able to establish long-term strategic partnerships – it has extensive competences in custom frontend and backend development and deployment of CMS, ERP or BI systems. It focuses on supporting ITSM processes, digitization and project management support. Its specializations include the construction of complex e-shops and web applications, but at the same time it also participates in projects such as the construction of large databases or the processing and visualization of large data. For example, it cooperates with Atlassian. One of the products is a service desk, which is implemented in several corporations. In addition, it also cooperates with Microsoft. Last but not least, BiQ Group helps clients with UX, IU and digital marketing. He uses his experience in various fields such as e-commerce, automotive, industry and logistics,” says Boris Zovčák, COO of BiQ Group.

Expansion to Slovakia and foreign markets

Changing the name and structure means, among other things, the company’s investment in improving the quality of infrastructure and processes, and it means focusing on strengthening management, finance and HR. Acquisitions and personal growth are also related to the planned expansion. The group is represented in Slovakia by EEA, which specializes in Atlassian and Camunda products, including the development of its own products on top of these platforms. In its ranks, it has experts in agile management of large SAFE organizations, application and support of ITSM processes, deployment of artificial intelligence in management and big data processing.

“We are expecting a big wave of consolidation and changes within cloud platforms, during which big players will buy individual services and entire platforms. We see an opportunity precisely in the expansion of the group’s competences in the areas of integration and support for the adaptation of cloud services. With the help of these competencies, we will support our clients in the correct orientation in the dynamically changing global IT market. At the same time, we want to have our own products offered through global marketplaces located on the largest cloud platforms”, says EEA founder Gabriel Lachmann, who has been involved in the development of the IT market in the company since the 90s.

BiQ Group – more than 400 experts in 12 branches

Each of the subsidiaries of BiQ Group has its own unique history, specialization in technology and unique local culture. BOOTIQ was established in 2017 through the acquisition of the companies of Marcel Červený, Lukáš Novák (founder of the InTeFi investment group, which is behind BiQ Group, FinGo and several important development projects) and Boris Zovčák, which has long-term strengthened its position on the Slovak market. Subsequently, several smaller companies and teams were acquired. The first acquired company was Novasoft, specializing in the world of the SAP business system, which is used in the largest companies across economic sectors. It was founded in 2006 by Vladimír Moravec with a very simple strategy: to build long-term partnerships and provide complex services for SAP, including top consulting. In 2019, the digital agency Blueberry was acquired, which is included under the BOOTIQ branch. Another subsidiary company is the aforementioned Slovak division EEA, which has been a strong player in the field of software services for 30 years. The last acquired company is Bluesoft from Brno, which joined last year. Under the leadership of Jiří Barbořík and Jakub Hanák, Bluesoft develops customized web applications and
e-shops on the Kentico Xperience platform.


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