18. May 2023 EEA s.r.o.

How we helped to modernize internal processes for Baumit

Our developers chose Atlassian Jira Software as the most suitable management system for individual company processes.

The Baumit company has a long-term leading position in the construction industry. The company’s products are used by masters in large construction companies, but also for home use. The number of clients, as well as specific constructions is large, so the volume of processes and data is also extensive. For their efficient processing, it was necessary to introduce a sophisticated and at the same time clear system. Baumit therefore in 2017 decided to modernize this area in cooperation with our company EEA, part of BiQ Group.


Digitization: the way to efficient processes

The client asked us to streamline internal company processes. One of the goals was to integrate different information into one clear system. Baumit employees now efficiently evaluate the data and further work with it. The main solution was the use of digitization of all procedures. Above all, it was about managing contacts, monitoring processes and visits to construction objects, managing complaints and also marketing support for customers. We digitized all the mentioned areas, thanks to which sales managers saved a lot of time and could focus on performance.

We mentioned managing contacts. Client wanted to integrate the contacts of all clients, business partners, and employees into one system. Another requirement was the record of objects on which the Baumit company works, especially from the point of view of another business opportunity. It was also necessary to track objects, mark them on the map and create a map location. Another important area was the registration of the claim, its assessment, online editing and creation of documents.

A big plus is the management of complaints and the simplification of their process. In the system, it is now possible to simply record a complaint and assign it to a given product, assess it, as well as register it on the basis of the Law on Complaints.



Atlassian Jira Software: an effective process overview tool

Our developers chose Atlassian Jira Software as the most suitable management system for individual company processes. It turned out to be a very practical solution for the management of company processes and their digitization. It is suitable not only for development teams, but also those that provide support and operations (HR, financial department, etc.). Thanks to the Jira, it was possible to digitize all the necessary processes, which are now interconnected and synchronized with external systems.

Thanks to the Jira, it is possible to divide the marketing budget into different regions and groups. The system then calculates how many funds have already been invoiced and how much remains until the budget is fulfilled.



New sales management and geolocation of objects

As for managing the visits of business managers, through the data in Jira, regional managers can plan their visits in advance, record the visits that have already been made and then evaluate them. The system allows them to easily organize their documentation and track specific business opportunities and report on the given objects. Thanks to our application, the GeoData for Jira – map location, it is possible to search for specific objects directly on the map, whether in the field or from the office.

“We value the advantage of connecting individual data and the possibility of obtaining quick outputs the most. In this way, we do not lose an up-to-date overview of what is happening, we reduce the number of duplicates. Colleagues from individual sales teams know more about each other’s work, especially if someone manages a building in another sales region,” said Katarína Senderáková, marketing manager at Baumit.

Thanks to the geolocation of objects, managers can determine where the number of buildings accumulates or, on the other hand, skews, or where there are buildings that are not known about.



Digitization of processes helped to use data efficiently

The Baumit company gradually switched to the management of internal processes through the Jira system, which was implemented continuously since 2019. This change helped the client to make its internal work processes more transparent, improve their management, and streamline the overview and evaluation of individual reporting, statistics and graphs.

“The transition to Jira Software helped us consolidate all important data in one place and at the same time connect it to our external systems. Everything takes place online and everything is also connected in such a way that the data is used efficiently and correctly, which is really necessary today if the company wants to achieve long-term positive results and a healthy working environment,” said Katarína Senderáková.


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