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Make your work easier by visualizing data thanks to the GeoData for Jira application

When we see our data on the map, we see everything much more clearly.

Imagine a company that logs all the tasks in Jira. Let’s say one of its main activities is repairing ATMs. If a manager wants to assign tasks to a specific employee, he must take many steps – determine which problems take precedence, where they are, who will solve the problem, when will he send the employee to the position, in what order will the employee solve the problems, whether a storm that will make it impossible for him to work is just coming, … There are many steps and potential obstacles in everyday reality as well. So why not make your job easier?

Our GeoData application, specially developed for the Jira tool, will solve several of the above-mentioned problems. It allows you to visualize your problems, tasks, or assets on a map with a precisely marked GPS location. GeoData offers you an extra layer of information that will greatly simplify your work.

Who should get Geodata application?

Every company that has work spread over buildings, streets, cities, or even countries, the company’s work is linked to a specific place and its employees travel to those places to service or repair various equipment or buy or sell certain assets.

Jira Geo app

Why choose GeoData for data visualization?

When we see our data on the map, we see everything much more clearly. We immediately have an overview of which areas are the busiest, we can easily plan a trip for our employee, our strategic decisions will be incomparably more effective and we can even find geographical connections between the various problems and tasks we are currently dealing with. In addition, thanks to data visualization, we save time and other valuable resources in the company.

“Our goal has always been the visualization of the data, thanks to which you will get a perfect overview and control over your data instead of feeling chaotic, so that your strategic planning is fast and effective.”

What exactly can GeoData provide for my business?

  • Map with data in the Jira interface, directly on the so-called dashboards
  • You will be able to create tasks directly on the map
  • Ability to set aside an area of the map with an automatically defaulted person to take care of tasks in that area
  • Link tasks and issues directly to Google addresses, maps, and weather (which is very handy for outdoor service companies, for example), which means the app can instantly plan the most efficient trip for your employees
  • Ability to view objects from Insight on the map
  • Use in your mobile with app Mobile for Jira by the vendor  Infosysta

The benefits mentioned above are just a few points that are beneficial to any business.

In EEA, we also focus on creating the best tailor-made solutions for each client, so we modify or expand the application according to the processes and needs of a specific company.

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What types of companies can benefit from using GeoData?

For example, companies that:

  • Need to service equipment in different areas
  • Have their supplies spread over several locations
  • Own several branches (banks, etc.)
  • Need to monitor and actively solve problems in known or random places
  • Need to give the public the opportunity to enter various occasions, which they then address (for urban areas, this may mean, for example, reporting prints)

Who is already using the GeoData application?

Data visualization is a great helper for companies or institutions from various industries.

Pyronova, a company specializing in fire protection, uses GeoData to visualize the location of fire extinguishers throughout the country. The application thus enables the company to more effectively plan regular service or trips of technicians to the equipment that needs to be repaired.

Our application is also actively used by Baumit, a company which focuses on building materials. On the map, you can always find an overview of current constructions and related tasks with information about the need to supply additional materials. You can read more about how Baumit uses our plugin in the reference, which also mentions the following:

“Geomap is also a handy tool for our marketing. If you include interesting references in the dataset, you will quickly find your way around at first glance. What you get from geodata depends only on your goals and creativity.

The big plus is that even if the building does not have an exact address or it is a new location, you can search for it on the map and insert the location exactly to the given place. Such a location is very helpful in orienting where the building is located. If there are terraced buildings, you can also use different designation, line, or polygon. An overview of geomap constructions is a great start for further use. Mainly in the field of customer service.”

However, the GeoData application is also a great tool for non-profit organizations and various other institutions. For example, the Municipal office in Bratislava actively uses it. The application is connected to the portal, through which citizens report potholes, broken sidewalks, non-functioning lighting, or other problems in their city. All you have to do is enter the location and photo of the problem on the map, which greatly facilitates communication with the Municipal Office and the city can move forward much faster.

At the same time, the application makes it easier to help people in need. The map shows their location and the problems they face – e.g. it is thus possible to help retirees who are currently unable to go shopping alone. You can find out more about the Help project, of which our application is a part.

We believe that our article answered many of the questions you came up with after discovering our product. However, if you are interested in any other details, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail  or check the app on the Atlassian Marketplace. You can read more in our next blog article about the GeoData for Jira application.



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