21. January 2019 EEA s.r.o.

Project PROLIX

EEA is a technology and integration partner on the project.

Prolix – Process Oriented Learning and Information exchange system – is a 48-month R & D project co-funded by the European Commission under FP6, Priority 2 “Information Society Technologies”, which started on 1 December 2005. The goal of the project is to bring learning to business processes to enable organizations to develop their employees’ competencies faster, and based more on continuous changes in the company’s needs. To achieve this, Prolix is developing an open, integrated, reference architecture for process-oriented learning and information communication.

EEA is leading as a technology partner on the project. Our task is to create an integration platform for all the process, monitoring, and training components of the solution. The integration platform is based on open source components.

Processes run on JBoss JBPM and integrate the user interface on the Liferay portal. One of the most interesting outputs for this project is a generic portlet to access JBPM processes. We plan to make this portlet open source in the future.

Our Service: EEA is a technology and integration partner on the project
Technology: Liferay, JBPM, Apache-Service mix, Java, XML, XSD, XSLT, LDAP, SOA

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