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The Czech-Slovak IT market from the perspective of BiQ Group: Software expertise is growing in the cloud

We no longer deal with monolithic systems based on a single assignment, but solve complex projects based on modular architecture.

The current situation on the IT market has changed radically over the last decade under the influence of new technologies.

As for the tenders, their length has been reduced by an order of months; companies have moved significantly in the field of digitization, they already have their own experts with the know-how to create an analysis and assignment, which facilitates the process of cooperation. Boris Zovčák, COO and co-founder of the technology group BiQ Group, sees the move to cloud services as one of the main milestones: “We are building cloud architecture for clients such as IBM, Kyndryl or Škoda Auto. We are certified Azure and AWS partners. We develop cloud-native architectures, multi-cloud solutions and hybrid cloud integrations. IT has become a very complex discipline in recent years. The trend clearly leads to the interconnection of individual solutions and platforms in the cloud.”

Today’s digitization has an impact on the IT market not only in terms of hardware, but also in the complexity of services. The change occurred not only in project management, but also in the way of working, which largely replaces the agile approach conceived on the basis of development sprints.

“Both the nature of the companies and the projects themselves have changed. We no longer encounter monolithic systems based on a single assignment, but solve complex projects based on modular architecture. It is not so rare that a dedicated development capacity is used for this, and several companies usually participate in one project. The current consolidation of the market and merging of companies is therefore a logical outcome of the whole situation. And of course, today companies no longer develop systems for their own use, but buy most services and tools as cloud subscriptions. This trend will not disappear anywhere, and SaaS will continue to cover business needs in the future,” says Gabriel Lachman, director of EEA, which is part of the BiQ Group, about the cloudification of the IT industry.

Complex cloud solutions

The technology group BiQ Group (formerly BOOTIQ) has five subsidiaries with twelve branches throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. Thanks to its many years of activity in both markets, it looks back on the rapid development of the last 30 years. “BOOTIQ as such started on two fronts: the first was custom product development, for example for the field of fintech, and software for project management – not only for IT, but also for retail. We also worked on the development of various websites, portals and e-shops. These solutions, although originally developed independently, are now gradually and irreversibly integrated into cloud platforms,” says Boris Zovčák.

A subsidiary of the BiQ Group, the Slovak company EEA, has been on the IT market for more than 30 years. Today, the company is focused on the global market and the integration of cloud solutions, including on large platforms, led by products from Atlassian. “At the turn of the millennium, development was strongly tied to hardware. So the performance that went into the hardware was important. Computing power is not an issue these days thanks to the cloud. Platforms can thus grow practically without limits and offer customers a wide range of software tools,” concludes Gabriel Lachman.

Article published by touchIT, April 21, 2022


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