About us

Who we are

Openness, transparency, sharing information
and know-how - that's us - EEA, part of BiQ Group!

For over 30 years, we have been sharing our passion for information, research, integration, consulting and software development with customers around the world.

Thanks to our individual approach to IT solutions and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, EEA, part of BiQ Group is one of the leaders in the Slovak IT industry.

We are a "software house" focused on modern solutions and the most advanced technologies.

We provide services in the areas of Software Development and Integration, IT Consulting and Outsourcing.

In April 2020, we became part of the strong technology group - BiQ Group.
Since 2005, we have been strategically focusing on the technology of one of the most progressive IT companies - Atlassian.

Their concept, strategy and product are excellent, shown by our Gold Solution partnership with Atlassian plus our many satisfied customers all over the world.

We apply our log term experience and expertise in many market segments

We use our experience and knowledge to provide our clients with top-notch and reliable services.

Individual approach, the use of modern technology, open communication and years of experience ensure our customers across Europe that the products we have created can be used reliably and can always turn to us with confidence.


We think our work can make the world better. That’s why our apps and solutions can be found in many non-profit organizations where we’ve provided them for free. In 2010, we founded the EEA Foundation, through which we help those who need our help.

Openness, sharing information, transparency and fair-play are the values that our company promotes internally as well as society-wide. Because we share similar values, EEA, part of BiQ Group decided to support Utopia and Slovakia.Digital, where we became a partner in 2018 .

EEA, part of BiQ Group is authorized to work on scientific and research projects.


Our employees are the most valuable for us and we are only successful thanks to them. Over the years of existence, we have managed to create a top professional and stable team of coders, architects and analysts. Our team consists of approximately 100 experts and there are almost 400 of us in the BiQ Group. We are used to collaborating on major projects with other companies and system integrators, including on foreign projects or in a multinational environment.

College students are always welcome In the EEA, part of BiQ Group, where the most skilled are directly involved in projects.


We are specialists in the following areas

internet solutions: portals, self-care
digital repositories and content management,
open data, big data
design and development of customized solutions,
integration of solutions and systems, EAI, SOA, BPMS,
telecommunication systems and network management,
IT and application audits, architecture reviews, and refactoring.
application development for Atlassian products
Machine learning