Machine learning

Look at your business from a computer perspective

Imagine that your data will tell you when your systems will be out of date, or how to improve your process to sell more products, or how to reduce the costs of service interruptions. Welcome to the future where algorithms and neural networks open up completely new ways of seeing your business.

No more “guesstimates”; now you can get data-based predictive answers with us because your data knows today what’s most likely for your company in the future. By processing a huge amount of data, models and predictive algorithmsare created that find connections and extract information that the human brain was merely guessing at.

Change the future

The possibilities are endless, literally, as neural networks are constantly being taught and developing. The big advantage is that our customers may not own super computers or produce special data, yet we take care of everything. You only need to provide us with your data (in Excel or any DB, for example) and the other details will be handled by our specialists.

Examples of Machine Learning in practice:

Industry and production

predicting equipment faults, eliminating critical interventions, optimizing processes, planning more accurately


preventing fraud , finding and eliminating excess risk

Trading chains

e.g. increasing sales, increasing customer convenience when shoppingní


personalized marketing based on a customer's behavior

Business and e-shops

Use customers' buying and searching to make more attractive offers and increase sales, better market predictions, new customer groups, improved upsell


Dynamic route planning and optimizing trips

Our specialized EEA team provides comprehensive Machine Learning services:

we'll provide initial guidance to identify your needs and prioritize goals

we'll consolidate and prepare your data (use your Excels, use data from all your systems)

we'll clean and process your data (ETL using Pentaho or Talend platforms)

we'll load your combined data into a data cube ready for easy, flexible multi-axis analysis

we'll use your specific use cases to test and demonstrate usefulness

we'll prepare comprehensive reports, and provide advice on effective data use