EEA Foundation

We think our work can make the world better. That's why our apps and solutions can be found in many organizations where we've provided them for free. We also founded the EEA Foundation in 2010 to help.

We help

We strive to stick to the principles of supporting people, projects and activities that will make the world a little better.

We are planning to direct our aid primarily to two areas:

The charitable area

The charitable area, i.e. cases of obvious human and social need - where aid is most difficult to find, by supporting people and organizations working in that area, where there is something that is already hot and burning.

Development projects

Development projects in the fields of education, culture, community activities, democratization and humanization of society, nature conservation, etc., with the common denominator of supporting activities in an area to foster what will grow further.

We do not see our activities in the areas of increasing the technology of the company; to areas primarily intended to be provided by the State (eg gym repair …) and sport.

Request for support

You can download the support request (Slovak) here.
The deadline for submitting applications is from 1.5. to 31.10.
and approval is complete by 15.12. in that year.
Send your completed applications to
or to EEA s.r.o., Hattalova 12 / B, 831 03 Bratislava

Download request

When assessing and allocating funds, we follow the following guidelines:

1. Maximum addressing - we want to know the person, the people who will personally be responsible for the project, the activity

2. Maximum awareness - we want to know how the project is being implemented, we want to be kept informed

3. Maximum transparency - we want to know details on how the funds provided were actually used

From the Foundation, each of the approved projects will be assigned to one of the members of the Governing Board. That assigned member will follow up with the project and report on progress to other members of the Foundation as well as people in the founding organization (EEA s.r.o.).