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Project Open Source Infrastructure

Our company was commissioned to address the research role of the Open Source Infrastructure (OSIN Project).

Our company was commissioned to address the research role of the Open Source Infrastructure (OSIN Project) within the framework of the state-run research and development program “Building an Information Society”. We worked closely with Gordias and FMFI UK to implement the project. The Final Proposal of the project was successful 18.11.2004. By the end of the year a comprehensive report on interesting project results was prepared and made available. The project has shown that the use of Open Source in public administration, education and SMEs can be very effective. We expect further projects to continue showing the practical use of these results in public administration, education and SMEs.

The project results and project outputs can be found here

The aim of the OSIN project was to design optimal variants of open source use in government, education and SMEs

  • State administration and local government – the financial impact of savings can be very significant in the current situation.
  • SME – This sector is the main engine of growth in advanced economies and therefore its stimulation is a strategic interest of the state.
  • Education – Currently faced with another financial crisis, we see the use of OSS as very appropriate and relevant.

Support for OSS deployment should be taken by the state, as in other countries. Such support can be divided into three parts:

  • Research: Problem analysis, identification, and the proposal of suitable solutions (from a vast amount); procedures and basic methodology allowing the systematic minimization of risks
  • Development: Creating OSS type solutions, funding specific OSS projects
  • Deployment: Support for OSS deployments, consultancy, information service
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