9. June 2022 EEA s.r.o.

EEA received a prestigious award from Tatra banka for the efficiency of entering requirements from employees

EEA implemented this tool for Tatra banka primarily to address internal employee requirements.

Bratislava, May 26th, 2022 – EEA, a subsidiary of the BiQ Group, won the Employee Experience category at the Tatra banka event titled Top Supplier DayTB 2021 on May 19thThe event, during which the best service suppliers met in Bratislava, took place after a two-year break. Tatra banka awarded the best suppliers who moved the bank forward and thus helped to improve its services. EEA company received an award for the implementation of the Jira Service Management application, which streamlined the entry of the bank’s service requirements within its internal structure.

“We greatly appreciate the award in the Employee Experience category and thank the employees of Tatra banka for the positive feedback. In EEA, we have completed several projects for banking institutions, to which we have provided software solutions within the Atlassian platform. The successful Jira Service Management integration, for which we received a nomination, is a very popular product for management, managing processes and employee requirements for global companies around the world. In addition to Tatra banka, we have also managed to successfully implement this ITSM tool into Raiffeisen banka or Telekom. Moreover, we have embarked on another area for the banking sector. Specifically, these are projects to support the agile transformation of banking institutions using the SAFe® methodology,” says EEA CEO, Gabriel Lachmann.

Tailor-made service requirements


Jira Service Management is an application available on the Atlassian platform and provides a full-featured tool for managing service requests for employees or clients. It allows to receive, track, manage and resolve a number of requests on a daily basis. Jira Service Management has been around for several years and is Atlassian’s fastest growing product. It offers a powerful solution and currently leads the ITSM systems market.

The application allows you to customize a customer or employee portal based on an accessible form that is compatible with other Atlassian tools and add-ons in Jira and Confluence. Its function is to automate the assignment of requests to the specialized professionals to whom they are addressed. EEA implemented this tool for Tatra banka primarily to address internal employee requirements. The aim was to increase user satisfaction with the services provided, to optimize ITSM processes to meet Tatra banka’s requirements and, in the following steps, to enable online communication via a chat window, which replaces telephone communication.

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